Nid yw tocynnau ar-lein ar gyfer y digwyddiad hwn bellach ar werth ond
byddant ar gael i’w prynu wrth y drws.

As the first investigative journalist in the former Soviet Union, Vitali Vitaliev was forced to flee in January 1990. This was the result of his brave and revolutionary investigations into Soviet crime, neo-fascism, political prisoners and persecution.

He has received several Journalist of the Year awards and been awarded a Nieman Fellowship in journalism from Havard University (USA) – the highest title that could be conferred on a person working in international investigative journalism.

Since his escape to the west, Vitali has worked as an editor and columnist appearing on intense and satirical programs on television and radio. He has published 11 books, written in English but translated into several languages.

Vitali will take us on a once-traveled journey looking at drinks rather than a drink. He traveled through eastern and central Europe and discovered the intimate connection between alcohol and everything else in society: culture, technology, architecture, and economic development. We learn about the fascinating history of some wines, beers, vodka and spirits, and the important role they play politically and socially. We will also learn that there are ‘right’ ways to consume them, which may not be very familiar to us! During the talk, Vitali will refer to his popular book Borders Up! Eastern Europe Through the Bottom of a Glass and will also draw on its rich impressions of being a regular traveler, and also an experienced (moderate!) Drinker.

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