Sat 1st Oct 6.00pm: HUMAN PINBALL (unrated) 2021, UK, 30mins, directed by Mike Christie + PUSHING PROGRESSION: FREERUNNING (unrated) 2021, Canada, 26mins, directed by Jérémie Bouchard.

In ‘Human Pinball’, Latvian freerunner Pasha Petkuns takes on a pinball machine… on a huge scale. This unique feat involved building a 16m wall, tilted at 45 degrees to create near-impossible angles, jumps and catches and involved a gruelling 3-week shoot where Pasha’s physical capabilities were tested to the limit… In ‘Pushing Progression: Freerunning’ – Tony Hawk, Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns tell the story of competitive freerunning – and how the scene around it transcended the sport to establish Red Bull Art of Motion. It’s about the history of parkour and the future of freerunning, in advance of it becoming an Olympic sport.