MOMA Machynlleth and the National Library of Wales are proud to announce the purchase by the National Library of 4 works by Morgan Dowdall, Ayesha Khan, Gwenno Llwyd Till & Abby Davies in the 2nd year of supporting our fantastic Artisiaid Ifainc Cymru / Young Welsh Artists exhibition.

Morgan Dowdall uses the human figure to explore themes of queerness, camp, objectification, intimacy and dysmorphia. Through these, they extend queer aesthetics and attempt to subvert representations of gendered bodies seen throughout history.

Ayesha Khan uses her creative practice to tackle head-on misrepresentation of Muslim women within the British media. A central theme within her work is the depiction of powerful Muslim women, as a direct response to negative Muslim stereotypes.

Gwenno Llwyd Till is in her 2nd year studying Film and Television at University of London, LCC. Incorporating her Welshness into her work is integral for Gwenno. In her work she seeks to ignite an appreciation of the language and culture of Wales.

Abby Davies creates art based upon her individual visual and sculptural way of thinking. It is self-reflective and has a conversational narrative which allows the viewers to be part of her work in their own subjective way.