The Will Barnes Quartet, in collaboration with skilled landscape artist Erin Hughes, are proud to present their debut album, ‘Source of the Severn’. Will Barnes (guitar) is joined by James Batten (drums), Jack Gonsalez (piano) and Clovis Phillips (bass) – a tight collective of highly experienced jazz instrumentalists. This album of original music is a modern take on the classic bebop-era with influences of Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Pat Metheny and Oscar Peterson, further taking inspiration from the exquisite landscape of Mid-Wales and the Marches. Erin has created 9 original pieces in response to the music utilising her meticulously hand-marbled papers as her artistic palette to skilfully craft collages that emulate the traditional artistry of Pietre Dure.

They will be touring extensively through late 2023 and 2024 with Erin Hughes providing a special live visual show alongside the quartet’s performance, igniting the imagination of the audience, and making this a performance to not be missed.