MOMA Machynlleth are delighted to announce the Winners of the 2021 Tabernacle Art Competition, our first hybrid version, with images and details about the artists. The theme for the competition was “Love”. Alison Pierse generously agreed to be this year’s Judge. She used her experience of teaching Life Long Learning students worldwide and we are extremely grateful to her.

First Prize in the Adult category goes to Suzanne Harris with her mixed media work titled “What’s love got to do with it?”.
After a career of twenty five years teaching art and design in education, Suzanne relocated to west Wales to develop her own practise as an artist. Currently living in Aberystwth, she is a portrait and figurative painter with a strong love of colour and mark making. Suzanne strives to create a mood and atmosphere within the painted surface.

Second Prize, donated by The Friends of The Tabernacle, goes to Sarah Grace Keen with her textile work titled “Happy Flowers / Blodau Hapus”.
Sarah is an amateur artist born in Aberystwyth and living in Mid-Wales. Her mixed-media textile includes her three favourite media: painting, sewing and knitting. Sarah says: “I was thinking of a field of poppies when doing my pic, and I enjoyed the rendering including stitching with the many colour changes of yarn and fabric. Featuring hearts, my ‘poppy field’ looks like a field of love, just as poppies represent peace, hope and love”.

Third Prize, donated by Wendy Fuller, goes to Greteli Morton with her photograph titled “Great Grandma / Nain Fawr”.
Greteli is perhaps best described as an artist / craftsman of wide interests. She lives in Penrhyncoch near Aberystwyth and is the Secretary of The Picturemakers / Y Llunwyr group of visual artists. She draws and paints but also carves wooden spoons, encases beach glass or pebbles in resin, makes sculptures out of driftwood and takes photographs everywhere she goes. Her camera is often used as a sketchbook, capturing whatever inspires her.

Anne Mychalkiw, Hilary Reed, Joseff Powell, Pimpernel Wood, and Sally Roberts were Highly Commended.

In the Ages 11 and under category, the winner was Daisy Brown, age 9, with her watercolour painting titled “Bunny Love”.
Daisy is home educated in the Machynlleth area. She practises her drawing with her nature journal as part of her lessons. She loves her rabbits very much.

Amalia Mostallino, age 10, was Highly Commended.

The winner in the Ages 12 to 17 category is Jasmine Berry, age 16, with her acrylic on canvas titled “Love is”.
Jasmine attends Ysgol Penglais and is about to start A-levels with a view to following a path in journalism; writing about positive solutions towards climate change. In her spare time Jasmine enjoys hiking and reading as well as art!

Elen Anning, age 15, and Willow Cole-Berner, age 14, were Highly Commended.

The winning works, alongside the highly commended works and a small selection of other submitted works, will be shown in the Ruralist Room at MOMA Machynlleth from 25 August to the 18 September. All the exhibited works are for sale.

The title for next year’s Tabernacle Art Competition will be announced online on 18 September.

Competition entries

  • 1st place1st place
  • 2nd place2nd place
  • 3rd place3rd place
  • Highly commended Highly Commended

Ages 11 and Under

1st place
Bunny love

Watercolour by Daisy Brown, age 9
1st place

Highly recommended
Mum's love

Pen and coloured paper by Amalia Mostallino, age 10
Highly Commended

Aderyn cariad

Lino print and embroidery by Annes Wigley, age 8

The Campfire

Watercolour and coloured pencils by Henry Brown, age 10

Gecko Grip

Pencil and watercolour by Robin Brown, age 6

The colours of love

Watercolour by Syuen Chin, age 10

Love like cats

Acrylic by Teresa Ulkar Mostallino, age 11

Ages 12 - 17

1st place
Love Is

Acrylic on canvas by Jasmine Berry, age 16
1st place

Highly recommended
Acrylic on canvas by Elen Anning, age 15

Heartstring Moths
Highly Commended

Highly recommended

Digital by Willow Cole-Berner, age 14
Highly Commended


Watercolour by Eleanor Agnew, age 14

Love After Dark

Mixed media by Haytham Siddique, age 15

Power of Love

Graphite and alcohol markers by Inaaya Asif, age 12

Lost Love

Ink, paper and acrylic by Jessica Ceri Chick , age 17

I Love my Sister

Pen and paper on canvas by Millie Elizabeth Eve Parsons, age 17

Dreaming of Love

Mixed media by Morfudd Teifi Dugdale Fenwick, age 17

For the Love of Colour

Acrylic on canvas by Phoebe Pritchard, age 16


Oil and acrylic on canvas by Sofiya Bokareva, age 17

The Artist

Sketch by Takqua, age 12


Oil on canvas by Thea Tamsitt, age 13


1st place
What's love got to do with it

Mixed media by Suzanne Harris
1st place

2nd place
Happy Flowers / Blodau Hapus

Mixed media by Sarah Grace Keen
2nd place

3rd place
Great Grandma / Nain fawr

Photography by Greteli Morton
3rd place

Highly recommended
The letter

Textile by Anne Mychalkiw
Highly Commended

Highly recommended
Love is... egg n chips

Acrylic on board by Hilary Reed
Highly Commended

Highly recommended
For mam

Ink on paper by Joseff Powell
Highly Commended

Highly recommended

Acrylic on canvas by Pimpernel Wood
Highly Commended

Highly recommended

Oil on canvas by Sally Roberts
Highly Commended

Embracing Grace

Watercolour by Alice Thomas

The Space Between Us

Oil on canvas by Andrea Grottick

Everything I Touch.

Mixed media by Andrew Muse


Reduction lino print by Andria Horton

Pregnant woman

Digital artwork by Angelina Ritchie-Smith

Drawing Love

Oil on canvas by Anita Ricketts

Disappearing Act

Oil by Ann Oakley

Love - Bodnant 4

Mixed media by Ann Williams

Love will find out the way (over the waves, & over rocks that are steepest)

Acrylic on canvas by Averil Rees


Oil by Barbaba Larkin

Llanddwyn Lighthouse

Oil on board by Barry Lowe


Acrylic on canvas by Barry Maisey


Pyrography by Bethan Clegg

"...and his dark secret love does thy life destroy"

Photograph by Brian Adams

Words that were never shared

Mixed media by Brigitte Bailey

The Rhinogs

Oil on canvas by C de grammont

Merched y Môr - Daughters of the Sea

Gouache and acrylic on paper by Carys Fletcher

Tu ôl i’r dagrau / Behind the tears

Mixed media by Catrin Manon


Ink and bleach on paper by Catryn Eleanor Henderson


Oil on canvas by Ceri Pritchard

Alfie And Toy

Digital painting by Ceridwen Powell


Acrylic by Chloe Cox

Caught In The Moment

Ink on card by Chloe Stuchbery

Loving Life

Acrylic by Christine Mannion

Love is not Enough

Lino print by Christine Matthews

I want to stay here

Oil on linen by Christopher Mike

Hope Springs Eternal

Acrylic on canvas by Christy Burdock


Acrylic by Corinna Nicoll

Those things that only we know

Oil by Daniel Morley


Oil on canvas by Diane Evans

Eager Beaver

Textile by dinahvagina

Vedegris Nostalgia

Mixed media by Ekaterina Adelskaya

Chdi a Fi

Oil by Elen Evans

Cariad bob dydd / Everyday love

Lino print and watercolour by Elin Crowley

Endless Possibilities

Acrylic and metal leaf by Elizabeth Hancock

You Give Me Free

Acrylic by Emma Lindsey

Kissing Islands

Hammerite on linen by Enzo Marra

Hold Me

Oil on canvas by Esmee Van Giap

Blue Jewel Beetle

Acrylic on canvas by Eva Ashford

Mimi and Amina

Pen and coloured pencil by Fatima Chaudhry

Penny`s Garden

Acrylic by Flic Eden

Cariad at y digyfnewid

Mixed media by Florrie Lithgow

Caru machlud Aber

Oil by Gareth Lloyd Hughes

For the love of blue

Watercolour on paper by Gerda Roper

A Growing Desire

Mixed media by Gina Roberts


Etching aquatint by Gordon Miles

The Tomb of the Unknown Punk Rocker

Digital photo by Graeme Storey

My Love Venice

Acrylic on canvas by Gwen Osbaldeston

Glowing Embrace

Mixed media by Heledd Wyn

The Silver Apples of The Moon, The Golden Apples of The Sun

Mixed media by Helen Howlett

Puppy Love / Cariad Ci Bach

Acrylic by Helen Palmer

Apron Strings

Hand-stitched textile by Helen Pugh

Guy Maximilian

Pencil on paper by Hilary Elizabeth Jones

Granny's Love

Pastel by Hilary Naylor

Love is a Fire

Mixed media by Isobel Lewis

Adam and Eve after Albrecht Durer

Cyanotype by Jane Barraclough

14 week Scan - My first grandchild

Lino print on Yuppo paper by Jane H Hibbert

Twr Mawr on Ynys Llanddwyn home of St. Dwynwen, Saint of Lovers

Acrylic by Jennifer Hughes

The Gaze

Charcoal on paper by Jerry Yi Chang


Mixed media by Jo Dix

Dear John #3: Not If I See You First, John, No.

Ink on paper by Jo Harris

Separation / Longing

Acrylic on canvas by Joanne M Brown


Textile by Judith Musker Turner

Tulip Dance of Love

Acrylic on canvas by Julie Liebling

St Brides, Pembroke

Stitched textile collage by Karen Lowe

Alice Holt

Sugar-lift etching by Kate Alger

Friends Forever

Pastel by Katharine Laird

Our Father

Oil and acrylic on canvas by Kaya Hyslop

Object of desire

Mixed media by Kelsang Khonchog


Mixed media by Kiran Sharma


Acrylic on board by Koshiro AKiyama


Oil on canvas by Larry learmonth

Hello Apricot

Oil and ink by Lee Hicks


Mixed media by Lizzie Spikes

When he said forever

Pen and pencil by Lowri McGill


Oil on canvas by Maggie Humphry RCA

Intertwined Bliss

Digital Photograph by Mariana Malta

Love our planet

Pastel by Maritsa Kelly

Love at the speed of light

Watercolour by Martin Crack

Y Llwybr Halen / The Salt Path

Stitched fabric collage by Mary Grace Rendell


Pencil on paper by Masanobu Yamanaka

The Welsh Blanket

Oil by Maureen Alderslade

Be kind to yourself

Acrylic by May Hopkins

Ready for the game

Photo on canvas by Megan Price

“When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew”

Pastel by Mia Jenellen

Four Easy Peelers jostling together down a sluggish stream call to mind, by chance, a small painting by Edouard Manet that I love

Oil on canvas by Michael Tomlinson

Love has no bounds

Acrylic by Mrs Laura Jackson-Pugh

Love 2020 Style

Acrylic on canvas by Myfanwy Franks

To love is to weave the ropes of our being

Acrylic on canvas by Naïri Gaspari

Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy

Acrylic on canvas by Natalie Chapman

Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow fly

Pen and watercolour by Neil Evans

Loving Kiss

Textile by Nia Hobbs

Beijing Family

Oil on canvas board by Nicholas Sargent


Pencil on paper by Noryo


Acrylic on board by Olwen Elias Evans

For The Love of God, A Study of Titian's 'Ecce Homo'

Oil on canvas by Patrick Owen

The Queen of the Nile

Pastel by Paul Davies

Love is like a butterfly, As soft and gentle as a sigh,The multicoloured moods of love Are like its satin wings

Watercolour by Penny Gibbons

It Rained That Summer's Evening

Oil on board by Rebecca Jane Parry


Oil on canvas by Reka


Acrylic by Richard Fausto


Photograph by Richard Shipp

To the Moon and Back

Photo on canvas by Robert Price


Mixed media by Rocky Browne

Love Dreams

Mixed media by Rosemary Graham

Love Birds

Cyanotype on Photo Etching by Samantha boulanger

Grandma's House

Oil on linen by Sarah Carvell

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi (O Land of my fathers, O land of my love)

Mixed media by Sarah Higgins


Paper collage by Sharon Hall Shipp

Er Serchus Gof Am

Mixed media by Stuart Evans

A love of ceramic - Mair carving clay into drinking vessels

Acrylic on paper by Susan Isaac

Down Memory Lane

Acrylic and print by Suzzy Murphy

I love you

Mixed media by Tanja Bolenz

Lady Cow

Acrylic on canvas by Tatiana An


Watercolour on paper by Thee Khanthavit

Letting Go

Acrylic by Tin Stanton


Mixed media by Tom Miller

I love mixing colours

Woven textile by Vicky Ellis

Alma Mater: the Nourishing Mother

Driftwood by Vytautas J Kavaliauskas

Candle Lit Lunch

Oil on canvas by Zachary Zonomessis