Roan/m is a mixed media exhibition of screenprints, photographs, textile and film by the artist SLQS.

The show has emerged from SLQS’s two performative works:‘Find.ers.Keep.ers’ and ‘Áo dài’. The former sheds light on the threat of bridleways becoming extinguished in the UK. The latter challenges diversity representation in the British and Welsh landscape.

SLQS makes and holds rural space as a woman, a person of mixed heritage, a foreigner, a mother, an artist and an equestrian. She works to decolonise spatial orders from imperialist, sexist and racist structures. Through a series of performative acts, her work questions ideas around rights to roam, land rights and diversity in the equestrian world.

As a Franco-Vietnamese artist and urban-dwelling rider living in East London, she immerses herself in the British and Welsh countryside changing the colour of its landscape.

Roan/m is curated by Gudrun Filipska from (Arts) Territory Exchange
Instagram @SLQSstudio

Image credit: Annette Lister