In the lovely summer months, we are surrounded by beautiful flowers. Do they bewitch us with their loveliness? Do they cast a spell upon us? They certainly change the   dynamic of any room they are put into … if they are re-created in a painting or drawing, do they still exert their own magic?

We will approach how we might paint flowers so that they also communicate the joy and pleasure we feel about them.

Please bring a vase or jam jar with flowers, some will be available so please don’t worry if this is not possible.

This class will start with a short PowerPoint looking at the work of ten artists who have worked from flowers.

Gerda Roper is a mature artist who loves to paint and draw and is currently exhibiting in the Ruralist Room here at MOMA She taught Painting in Art Departments in Universities all her life, and is an Emeritus Professor of Fine Art. She believes that painting is as much about what you see, as what you feel, and that how a painting is painted also contributes to how it is read. In teaching she likes to investigate content, material, and methodology to creatively combine all three.

Free but pre-booking required.