The founder of the Heritage Hub 4 Mid Wales (, with volunteer colleagues who also worked for the Ashley family from the 1970s, has organised this exhibition to celebrate the legacy of Bernard & Laura Ashley, and the many factory workers of Machynlleth, Carno, and Newtown who were instrumental in the global success of the Laura Ashley business. The Ashley family set up home and their first workshop in Machynlleth in 1961.

This exhibition will feature the work of the seamstress of Machynlleth Laura Ashley Bridal Studio & Factory and the Wedding Dress she made over 30 years ago, which was recently purchased by the founder of the Heritage Hub from an Oxfam shop in Witney Oxon. This wedding dress will take centre stage with the commissioned Pixel Portrait Quilt of Laura Ashley (below) and the story of this dress being reunited with the seamstress will be concluded at the MOMA Tabrnacle in Machynlleth from the 24th June.