BANK JOB (no rating) UK 2021 87 mins, directed by Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell. 

Tickets £5 (£3 under 15s) on the door


A filmmaker and artist couple team up with their local community to take on the world of finance by setting up a bank, printing their own money and blowing up a million pounds worth of high interest debt. A roller coaster ride towards a future in which money works for us all. Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell’s feature is an insightful and humorous investigation into the dark world of debt, exploring how a community in Walthamstow, London comes together to create their own currency, examine how money and debt is created in our economy, and to ask important questions about how the system of money creation might be altered in their favour. Part documentary, part art project!

‘A compelling exploration into a deep and dank money pit, with a sharp, vivid focus on the humanity at the centre of artistic and social endeavours’ – HeyUGuys.