Join us for the presentation of the 2023 Glyndŵr Award to Eleri Mills.

Eleri will be joined by guest speaker Mari Griffith to discuss her select retrospective exhibition of works showing at MOMA Machynlleth from 24th June to 6th September.



Of all the Welsh artists working today, Eleri Mills exhibits the strongest sense of art historical continuity in her choice of imagery. Nevertheless, the manner in which she interprets that imagery is entirely her own, and her meanings are for the present.Peter Lord

‘Eleri Mills stands alone as poet painter. Eleri records her love of her native land and she records it with great sensitivity and talent: for she is a superb draughtsman and this is at the heart of all that she does. In her art Eleri Mills has a voice which is seldom heard, for it is a tender voice and far removed from the cacophony of the art world today.Sir Kyffin Williams