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A Gift of Sunlight

Trevor Fishlock


A Nation’s Memories

Catrin Williams


A Rope of Vines

Brenda Chamberlain


Aberdyfi Morning

Christopher Mike


Aberdyfi Sunset

Jean Napier Photography



Stan Rosenthal


Adleisiau Llanwol

Bev Bell-Hughes


After All

James Ogden F.E.A.


Agile Fragile (detail)

Mary Lace


Angylion dros dro

Catrin Williams


Any hidden dangers

Natalie Chapman



Eleri Mills


Artistiad y Fro / Artists of the Valley

Various Contributors


As I Awake One ……

Stan Rosenthal


Atonement 3

Christine Kinsey


Audrey Walker Catalogue

Audrey Walker


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