18 February 2021

MOMA Machynlleth is delighted to announce that the well-known artist Mary Lloyd Jones has donated one of her large paintings to its Tabernacle Collection.

The oil painting entitled ‘Bright Ore’ was executed in 2004 and measures 153 cm x 183 cm.

Mary Lloyd Jones, Welsh painter and printmaker, was born in Devil’s Bridge in 1934. She trained at Cardiff College of Art and is now based in Aberystwyth.

Of her work she writes, “My aim is to reflect my identity, my relationship with the land, the awareness of history, and the treasure of our literary and oral traditions.

This has led to my involvement with the beginnings of language, early man-made marks and the Ogham and Bardic Alphabets.”

In 2016 Mary received the Glyndwr Award at the Machynlleth Festival for An Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in Wales. She is represented by the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff.