Wales | 2022 | 90’ | adv15 | Kevin Jones | Keiron Self, Lynne Seymour, Richard Ellis, Kev McCurdy, Elin Phillips, Francois

YouTube and TikTok may seem like a younger person’s medium, but not for 50-something Martin Decker. He’s embarked on a brand-new career as an internet superstar. For the past year he has been making homemade TV shows in his bathroom. But despite his claims to have the full support of his family, his life falls apart. He is now the subject of a film that is part documentary, part surreal tragic comedy. With complete access to all his videos, fan and critic interviews, found footage and even animation, Martin’s motivations and creative urges are investigated. He has the need to make a connection but who is his real target audience – his fans or his family? Featuring a host of Welsh acting talent, this will be a unique experience as Martin will be at the screening to present the film himself if anyone wishes to question him about his genius cinematic talent.

“Orson Welles was 25 when he made Citizen Kane. I’m over 50, so my film will at least be twice as good.” – Martin Decker.

Tickets £5 (£3 under 15s) on the door from 6pm (card or cash) or online here: