This body of work has been produced over the last couple of years and there are at least two or three themes going on. The paintings contain elements of still life and landscape, all built around subjects that Kim knows well; she aspires to tell stories in the paintings, gathering objects together that have a resonance for her, and relate to a certain place or time.

“Inspired by my rural surroundings – I value that first hand contact with nature; sketches are filled with walks, insects, clouds, natural ephemera, etc. Patterns and textures fascinate: the velvety skin of a peach, the undulating folds of a distant hillside, the patina of a well thumbed book …. Everything has a story to tell”.

One series of work is built around hats and boats – both protective in their own way; there is a hat for Morfa Dyffryn, a hat for Llanbedrog, a boat for Bogwood, amongst others.

Many pieces of work are about our relationship with the natural world; we embrace nature, we explore the wonders and possibilities that make up this amazing planet, and then our need to profit seems to take over. Some paintings are full of hope, celebrations of the diversity and abundance around us, whereas others are full of despair!

Exhibited Works