Filkin’s Drift reimagine traditional melodies through pizzicato grooves, intricate guitar tunes, and boundless improvisation. Their original compositions are sophisticated, yet rooted in tradition. From delicate Welsh folk-songs to traditional English dance tunes, the duo blend fiddle and guitar with their close vocal harmonies.

Seth Bye and Chris Roberts are fast gaining recognition for performances that are “utterly mesmerising” (Bristol 24/7) and “hugely entertaining” (RnR). Previous shows include FolkEast, Warwick Folk Festival, St George’s Bristol and Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Filkin’s Drift are constantly seeking out unconventional approaches to making music. The duo’s latest ventures include forming a 15-piece orchestral-folk band (Filkin’s Ensemble) and releasing their debut EP with an 870-mile walking tour of the Welsh coast.

Filkin’s Drift are proud to be Help Musicians-supported artists, and are affiliated with Fusion Gig Bags.

Cerys Hafana is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who mangles, mutates, and transforms traditional music. She explores the creative possibilities and unique qualities of the triple harp, and is also interested in found sounds, archival materials and electronic processing. She comes from Machynlleth, Wales, where rivers and roads meet on the way to the sea.

Edyf is her second album, released in 2022, and was selected as one of The Guardian’s Top Ten folk albums of 2022. In January 2023, Cerys was also featured on Cerys Matthews’ BBC 6 Music ‘Highlights of 2022’ New Year show.

Edyf is largely based on material found in the Welsh National Library’s online archive, including fragments of Psalm tunes, hymns about doomsday and philosophical musings on the length of eternity, along with some original compositions. The album is primarily performed on the Welsh triple harp, but also features bodhrán, double bass, althorn and the electronically processed sounds of a water bottle being hit.

‘Hugely entertaining’ | Rock’n’Reel Magazine

‘They are utterly mesmerising. Hovering around a single microphone with tunes full of waterfall guitar and fabulous violin’ | Bristol 24/7

‘Exquisite tune playing mixes effortlessly with irresistible grooves and an engaging chemistry’  | Dan Walsh, BBC Folk Awards Musician Of The Year Nominee, Urban Folk Quartet

‘Amazing musicians, singers and lovely chaps all rolled into one’ ~ Black Train Music